The limited editions

Barrel aged series 01

Triple malt, Triple fermentation, Triple maturation

7,9% vol.

Brasserie du Mont Blanc stays at the top of innovation with its first series of barrel aged beer. Very different from the Mont Blanc classic beer styles, this triple fermentation amber beer has matured in barrels for more than 6 months. It has aged in three different barrels, used mainly for Scottish whisky and American bourbon.

The initial taste has caramel, roasted almonds, the rounded sweetness of honey and strong spicy flavours. The second mouthful has a delicate balance between the alcohol and the tangy flavours from the barrel fermentation. The finish will bring out the Whisky and vanilla aromas. A complex and thrilling tasting experience, far from the beaten track.

Each bottle is numbered. A special release : only 10,000 beers are for sale.

Available from the Brewery’s store LE BMB to take-away, in wine merchants, at Les Rois Malts, and web preview on

Barrel aged série 1
TASTING TIP Brasserie du Mont-Blanc specialty glass 8°C
accords mets
To be enjoyed alone, without trimmings, before or after a meal.
  • 33 cl
and know-how

A beer of contrasts, it combines strength and gourmet aromas, with 7.9% vol.

  • Pure water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc
  • Barley, oat and wheat malts, for a strong and complex amber beer
  • Triple fermentationIn a vat, in barrels and refermentation in bottles, with 3 distinct yeast strains
  • Triple maturationIn 3 successive oak barrels, for woody, bourbon and whisky aromas
  • MATURATION IN BARRELSFor more than 6 months, for a subtle balance between the alcohol and the tangy flavours.
  • TRIPLE FERMENTEDIn a vat, in barrels and refermentation in bottles.
  • TRIPLE YEASTThree distinct yeast strains.