The Specialty beers

Triple Epices*

An intense and spicy amber beer

7,2% vol.

Made from a blend of 2 cereals, 2 malts and several hops, including the Strisselspalt hop from the Alsatian region of France, with its highly aromatic floral notes.

Mixed with honey and a unique bouquet of spices.

The initial taste is full-bodied and malty, then appreciate the gourmet notes of caramel and toasted almonds followed by the rounded sweetness of honey and the full force of an intensely spicy bouquet.

It is a beer full of contrasts!


*Triple spices

Triple Epices 75cl
TASTING TIP Brasserie du Mont-Blanc specialty glass 6°C
accords mets
Delectable with :
  • Cured meats
  • Smoked fish
  • Roast meat
  • conditionnement 75cl75 cl
  • conditionnement fut 50L20 L barrel
and know-how

Brewed using water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc, the Triple Épices du Mont-Blanc is the fruit of a combination of two precisely kilned barley and two cereals, several hops including Strisselpalt from Alsace with floral and highly aromatic notes, and honey. All flavoured with a warm spicy bouquet.

  • Pure water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc
  • Honey and warm bouquet of spices
  • Aromatic hops: Saaz and original hops (from the United States), floral with citrus notes
  • LONG AGEINGFor a perfect balance
  • TOP FERMENTATIONTo develop subtle aromas