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La Verte

Génépi alcoholic beverage

5,9% vol.

An alcoholic beverage brewed with a combination of water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc and Génépi.

La Verte is the bold combination of 2 very bitter notes for a perfect balance between alcohol, acidity, aromas and sugar.

Light and delicate, la Verte is characterised by the powerful aroma of Génépi.

Original and attractive: “often imitated, but never equalled!”

TASTING TIP Brasserie du Mont-Blanc pilsner glass 3°C
accords mets
This beer goes well with :
  • Evening cocktails
  • Late nights
  • 33 cl
  • conditionnement 75cl75 cl
  • conditionnement fut 50L20 L barrel
and know-how

An original creation combining pure water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc and genepi alcoholate.

  • Pure water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc
  • Plant alcoholates (Génépi 75% minimum)
  • Barley malt
  • Barley malt & wheat & oat
  • AN ART FORMA secret art form of blending two bitter notes to create a delicious mix.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIPCombining the specificities of the brewer’s and the flavourist-liqueur maker’s trades.

La Verte

Certificate of excellente France Bière Challenge 2018


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La Verte du Mont-Blanc, the famous green alcoholic drink with genepi. A perfect balance between alcohol, powerful aromas and sweetness. Pure pleasure to be enjoyed at 3°C. The best of the Alps in your glass!

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