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La Blonde

A pure malt specialty beer

5,8% vol.

Rich, full bodied, with balanced bitterness, La Blonde offers up a floral, fruity and spicy spirit.
Malty and full-bodied at first, ending with a touch of liquorice.

La Blonde
la blonde du Mont-Blanc médaille d'or australie 2016
TASTING TIP type ballonBrasserie du Mont-Blanc balloon glass 5°C
accords mets
Delectable with :
  • Olives
  • Red meat
  • Crozet pasta
  • conditionnement_1033 cl
  • conditionnement 75cl75 cl
  • Mini fut5 L mini barrel
  • conditionnement fut 50L30 L barrel
and know-how

Brewed using water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc, Mont-Blanc’s La Blonde is the fruit of the marriage between delicately kilned pure barley malt, aromatic hops, seasoned with a bouquet of liquorice spices.

  • ingredient_eauPure water from the glaciers of Mont Blanc
  • les céréalesPure barley malt chosen by the master brewer
  • rond_reglisseBouquet of liquorice spices
  • le houblonsCombination of three hops
  • LONG AGEINGFor a perfect balance
  • TOP FERMENTATIONTo develop subtle aromas

La Blonde

la blonde du Mont-Blanc médaille d'or australie 2016

Australia Beer Award - Gold Medal 2016


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La Blonde du Mont-Blanc, a pure malt specialty beer. Rich, full-bodied, with balanced bitterness. Floral, fruity and spicy spirit. Pure pleasure to be enjoyed at 5°C, a blonde beer for special times.

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